Direct House Ending
09,87 6 5
Direct House Ending
43,21 0 4

Disclaimer : These common numbers are purely based on certain calculations done using past results. There is no guarantee of the accuracy of these numbers.

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COMMON NUMBERS are the Number base for Calculation of Juwai Teer Target Number.Check out our Common Numbers. Our Common Numbers are Authorized by all 12 Culbs of Shillong Teer & other clubs like ABC & GMT of Khanapara Teer.

PREVIOUS TEER RESULTS are always important for a regular Teer player. If you play Juwai Counter, you must have record of previous Juwai Teer Results. Check Previous Teer Results at our website. We keep List of Previous Teer Results for 3 months.

TEER players often checks for Numbers that their NIGHT DREAM says. Your DREAM may have the JUWAI TEER Target number.Check your DREAM NUMBERS at our website. You should know how to play with Dream Numbers in Juwai Counter.

TEER don't have any MAKING NUMBERS. TEER NUMBERS are based on pure mathematical FORMULA. You can find tips and idea about the Teer Number Formula at our website. We use to keep updated Teer Formula for Juwai Counter regularly.